The 5 Best Antiperspirants for Women - Deodorant vs Antiperspirant
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The 5 Best Antiperspirants for Women

The 5 Best Antiperspirants for Women

Even though you apply it the same way, antiperspirants and deodorants work differently. Deodorant does just that – it deodorizes your underarm area, preventing unwanted odors from offending you and those around you. The bacteria in your underarm region break down the proteins and trace minerals in your sweat, releasing the offensive gas as a by-product. Antiperspirants, even though they can help deodorize the armpit area as well, are usually made to block the sweat glands, stopping the bacteria’s food source.

Antiperspirant is mainly designed to halt excess sweat and in turn circumvent offensive, pungent odors which might’ve helped our Neanderthal relatives ward off predators. In the modern age, there are no reasons for you to stink up the place and have it negatively impact your life. There are solutions available to you.

What To Look For In An Antiperspirant?

Antiperspirant is ideal for those who feel like they sweat excessively, with most formulations coming in a roll-on or solid bar that you apply directly to the armpit area. Be particularly careful if you’re a woman who shaves regularly and is thinking of buying an antiperspirant. Even though most are formulated without irritants, be wary of products made from laundry detergents or heavy fragrances that can cause an allergic reaction. Natural antiperspirant may be an option since they don’t cause inflammation. For antiperspirants, the active ingredients that you want to look for include:

Talcum powder to absorb excess moisture. Talcum powder can be formulated into a bar of antiperspirant mixed with some sort of fragrance to mask odors. Talcum powder help reduce friction in the underarm area, which can be helpful for women who regularly shave or small hairs that are starting to grow in – we’ve all been there.

Aluminum is one of the more common ingredients found in antiperspirants. It works by effectively clogging up the sweat glands. You will also find that you won’t smell as bad, since the bacteria won’t have access to the proteins found in the sweat. Try to select an antiperspirant advertised as an “all day” or “extra strength” solution.

Natural Antiperspirants

Antiperspirants made with natural products are ideal for those with sensitive skin. They are made with alcohol-free fragrances and a type of carrier oil. An emollient oil is used, like sunflower or castor oil, which can moisturize the skin, reduce smells, lighten dark underarms, and reduce unsightly flaking.

Be prepared to change up your antiperspirants regularly, as your body chemistry may get used to them over time. Most find success by switching out brands every couple of months. Hormonal changes can also alter how your body react or smell with certain brands.

Top 5 Best Antiperspirants For Women

Degree Clinical Protection Antiperspirant

Degree Clinical Protection AntiperspirantDegree has a track record of creating effective products for men and woman, with Degree Clinical Strength delivering gentle but effective protection against excess sweat and the bad body odors associated with it. Many will find the scent agreeable, with the roll-on bar featuring luscious notes of jasmine and rose that will make you feel clean all day.

Degree offers protection all day, with many women finding that it is even more effective when you apply it at night and then some more throughout the day. Your circadian rhythm allows Degree Protection to penetrate deeper and build up a strong layer of protection.

Maxim Prescription Strength Antiperspirant

Maxim Prescription Strength AntiperspirantFrequently recommended by dermatologists, Maxim antiperspirant delivers a prescription strength solution against hyperhidrosis. It actively works against excess sweating and odor for up to 96 hours, with a smooth roll-on that will not irritate your sensitive armpit area.

Alcohol-free and free of any other ingredients that may irritate, Maxim antiperspirant has been recommended by over 1000 dermatologists and hundreds of clinics nationwide. It is the ideal antiperspirant for busy people, gym enthusiasts, and does going through hormonal changes. A couple swipes in the morning and right before bed will offer continuous protection against unsightly sweating that can stain and damage clothing.

Secret Outlast with XTEND Technology

Secret Outlast with XTEND TechnologySecret’s line of extended antiperspirants is designed to deliver 48-hour protection, with many using it proactively by applying it several times per day. It is a solid, but translucent bar, offering discreetness. Since it is clear, it won’t ruin your clothes with unsightly marks. It is formulated with an aluminum derivative called aluminum zirconium. This ingredient operates by gently obstructing the sweat glands, controlling your rate of perspiration.

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant and Antiperspirant

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant and AntiperspirantBali Secrets is made from natural ingredients, with the bar being vegan, gluten-free, and without parabens, baking soda, and aluminum. Even though it an aspirant without aluminum, it is still highly effective against sweating and funky smells.

Bali Secret’s fragrance profile isn’t overpowering, with the formula concocted with rose and seaweed extract. Its convenient size lasts for up to three months, providing reliable and secure protection. Since it is formulated without any of the heavier chemicals, it won’t stain clothing.

Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant

Dove Advanced Care AntiperspirantProviding more than two days of protection, Dove  Advanced Care Antiperspirant consists of several moisturizers. Dove Advanced utilizes NutriumMoisture Technology, restoring the ideal environment in the armpits, preventing odors over time and in between applications. It is best to apply this deodorant after a shower, but many women find success applying the Dove antiperspirant throughout the day.

If you have sensitive skin, then you will like the heavy moisturization delivered by this antiperspirant, with the alcohol-free formula protecting against possible shaving irritation.

There are several options available when it comes to dealing with excess sweating and antiperspirant, with the lines between over-the-counter antiperspirant and prescription products being blurred as products become more affordable and accessible.

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