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About Me

My Story

I’ve suffered with excessive sweating since I was a teenager, particularly on my hands and feet. I remember dreading having to take off my shoes in school assemblies in fear of someone getting a whiff of my feet, boyfriends wanting to hold my hand, and in my later professional life – greeting new people with a hand shake. In my late twenties I decided I was going to do something about it.


I tried wearing cotton socks, every antiperspirant on the market, talcum powder, baking soda…you name it. Certain things did have a small impact, but it wasn’t until I was referred for iontophoresis treatment did I find something that was really effective.


Although the success rate is extremely high, I had my treatments at the hospital as I wanted to check it would work for me before I invested in a machine.  I saw results after 3 sessions and decided it was worthwhile purchasing my own machine as it is something that requires long-term maintenance (although not all that frequent for me).


I still suffer with hyperhidrosis but it is far more manageable now I’ve got my ‘pain points’ under control. Sweating is also a natural bodily function so my goal was ever to eliminate it completely – just to reduce it in certain areas to better my social and professional life. This site is to share my experiences with other sufferers and provide hints and tips of how to cope with hyperhidrosis.

Sarah T. Key